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Cybersecurity In The '20's: Closing The Gaps

Premise: Threats are advancing at least as fast as our most sophisticated protections, and their sophistication and scope of use are growing faster. At the same time, organizations are challenged with how to prioritize, and where to invest their cybersecurity budget.

What can and should be done?

Security+ On-Demand Video Training

Learn what’s covered in the new CompTIA Security+ Exam SY0-601. Access 10 video episodes covering Risk Management topics, including Threats and Vulnerabilities, Risk Management Concepts, Security Controls, Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Assessments, Data Types, and Business Impact Analysis. Get a good understanding of Total Seminars unique style of instruction and our step-by-step approach to covering topics designed first to make you a good tech while preparing you for the CompTIA exam.

Cybersecurity Analyst Glossary of Terms

What does the Red Team (offense) deal with vs. the Blue Team (defense) in cybersecurity?

Red teams simulate attacks against blue teams to test the effectiveness of the network’s security. Learn more with this glossary of terms and definitions cheatsheet designed for the Cybersecurity Analyst role.

Malware Attacks Insight Series

Bumblebee Loader Infection

In this report, we shared our detailed analysis of the recent Bumblebee Loader campaign that is using VHD disk instead of ISO images, with the new Powershell Loader.

Malware Attacks Insight Series

Monster Libra (TA551) Threat Group

In this report, we covered a detailed malware analysis of the newest IcedID malware campaign and we believe Monster Libra (TA551) Threat Group was behind this new attack.

State of Tech Workforce | Cyberstates 2022 CompTIA

Notable Cybersecurity Trends:

Top projected growth occupations for 2022: cybersecurity 4% Tech occupation employment over the next 10 years is expected to grow at about twice the rate of overall employment across the economy. Projected tech growth rate above the national rate: cybersecurity 253%

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