Who makes a good cybersecurity analyst and why? Many different professions have an amazingly perfect talent for joining the cybersecurity field. Hospitality workers, stay-at-home moms, physicists, engineers, QA, developers, administrative professionals, insurance representatives, sales associates, and medical and dental workers. The list goes on. So many professions can bring their skillsets to cybersecurity and be highly successful.  

Today, we’re taking a quick look at the top 5 professions that should move into a cyber security professional position – now!  

1 – Other IT Sector Professionals – QA, Helpdesk, Networking, Developers 

These individuals already have tech experience and knowledge, are computer savvy, and would easily transition into a cybersecurity position. Because of their experience in the technical field, they understand many of the different systems and processes that are helpful for being a great analyst. It also helps that these professionals already have contacts and a network in the IT world. They may even already work for a company with a Security Operations Center (SOC). This could be a great “foot in the door” situation that works quite well. 

2 – Police/Security/Military Veterans 

Security officers, police, and military veterans already have a security mindset and great training that propels them to the top of the desired options for hiring managers in cyber. They know how to think like the bad guy. This is huge and once translated to the field, is an amazing skill that can set you apart and even lead to “Red Team” activities. Another benefit is that some of these folks also have clearances. This is highly sought after and easily increases the salary for the same position just because of the clearance. Those are expensive to obtain, and most contracts require individuals on the team that already possess a clearance.  

3 – Teachers – where do I even begin? 

So many skills learned as a teacher translates to a successful cyber professional. Skills such as patience, writing, communication, customer focus, challenging work, diligence, focus, and independent and collaborative work to name a few. Teachers make great cybersecurity professionals. They are adaptable and have a learning mindset. They value continual education and growth and can take advantage of significant pay increases over teaching. 

4 – Uber Drivers 

This one baffles many people, and this could be a broader profession such as entrepreneur, but Uber drivers are “self-driven” – pun totally intended! See what I did there! Uber drivers can work independently, are customer service focused, know how to work well with anyone, are patient, skilled, and very capable of being flexible. These skills can absolutely aid them in making a transition to cybersecurity. 

5 – Retail Associates 

There are so many different things that I could talk about that make retail professionals successful. The main traits: are flexible, customer-focused, hardworking, professional, possessing effective communication skills, can work under any circumstances, and they like people. The skillset, although important, is not the biggest reason retail workers make great cybersecurity analysts. The benefits of working as a cyber professional far outweigh the benefits of working in retail. Good work-life balance, great pay, feeling of self-worth, upward mobility, better human resource benefits, realistic retirement options, and of course just a better overall atmosphere to be in. This leads to better mental health! 

Wherever you are currently working, if you are interested in this amazing field, check it out. This industry needs you; America needs you! And if you work as one of these Top 5 Professions, this career change makes sense right now: more dollars and cents!  

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Richard Chapman
CyberNow Labs Program Director